About The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Getting into College

Following up on her guide to good manners, our Grumpy Girl takes on the all-American pursuit of getting into college. With her characteristic edgy humor and cheeky fun, she dissects elementary, middle and high school subjects, extracurricular activities, educational travel, SAT prep, college interviews, and more. While sharing her own, unique saga, filled with hilarious episodes, she dispenses sage advice and taunts our obsession with higher education as the requisite road to success and happiness.




About The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Good Manners

An adventure story that is also a guide to proper behavior, this satirical tale takes our grumpy heroine to a week-long boot camp for manners in the middle of the Texas desert. Will she master the art of dining, makeup and nail polish, not to mention electronic etiquette and visual poise? Or will she succumb to her nemesis, headmistress and good manners goddess, Mrs. Green, and become just another well-behaved, well-mannered clone? Edgy, mocking, witty and fun, the book skewers adult pretensions while relating an unusual coming-of-age story with plenty of adolescent angst and attitude.

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