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February 14, 2012 Author Visits Manuel Jara
On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, author Rachel Aboukhair visited Manuel Jara Elementary. Ms. Aboukhair is the young author of The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Good Manners. The book is a President’s Book Awards Winner, but, more impressively...[Read More]
May 24, 2011 Book Guide: The Grumpy Girls Guide to Good Manners
On a plane, I started reading THE GRUMPY GIRL’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS by the 16-year-old author, Rachel Aboukhair, and I could not put it down. Rachel is very aware of all the problems that teenage young people face. She understands the limitations of egotism...[Read More]
May 6, 2011 The Grumpy Girl Visits Puget Sound
Federal Way News
SAT’s, the prom, college admissions and choosing that perfect outfit to impress your crush should be what’s on the mind of a typical high school girl. Rachel Aboukhair, however, is far from typical...[Read More]
February 22, 2011 Grumpy Mood Proves Beneficial For 16-Year-Old Author
CBS 11 News
Can grumpy be a good thing? For one 16-year-old Burleson gir, her once-grouchy outlook has turned into a quick-selling new book. The Grumpy Girl’s Guide to Good Manners was released Feb. 14 and is already climbing the charts as a popular...[Read More]
February 20, 2011 Larue Barnes: Grumpy girl big hit
Cleburne Times-Review
“The Grumpy Girl's Guide to Good Manners,” a book written by 16-year-old Rachel Aboukhair of Burleson, has been a top recommended book on for over a month. Gulf Coast Business Review says, “Pre-sales of the book are so big that the publisher...[Read More]
February 4, 2011 Young girl finds early publishing success
Gulf Coast Business Review
At least that's the case with “The Grumpy Girl's Guide to Good Manners,” a book written by Texas teenager Rachel Aboukhair and published by a Sarasota company. The book, an antithesis of the sex sells formula that dominates teen pop culture,...[Read More]
On the Radio  
February 16, 2011

WUSF Radio Station Interview
After her parents surprised her with a trip to an unusual camp, Rachel Aboukhair learned manners the hard way... That was the inspiration for her book, "The Grumpy Girl's Guide to Good Manners", as she tells Chris Angermann on this week's Florida Story...[Read More]

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April 23, 2011

Growing Bolder Radio Station Interview
At Growing Bolder, we like to say it's not about age, it's about attitude. That's why we get excited to find people growing bolder at a young age. Rachel Aboukhair is a normal, Texas teenager. When she was 15, she had an idea for a book, so she wrote one. At 16, she found a publisher. Since its release earlier this year...[Read More]

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Barnes & Noble Book Signing
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