"Pondering a dreaded week at a 'Manners School,' the 16-year-old author is both daringly and delightfully unmannerly in her saucy and sassy report. But is she a little too smug and self-assured to learn anything at all that might help her later in life? You'll have to read this unusual little book for yourself to answer that question. I had to—all the way to the end."
Joel Belz
Founder, World Magazine


"Not too many teenagers are going to jump up and down with the thoughts of a weeklong “manners” camp. I cannot imagine etiquette always being #1 on their “to do” list. However, let our “skeptical” author Ms. Aboukhair take you through her experience from start to finish. Enjoy this very amusing story from the horror and rebellion to the fun and turning point moments."
Colleen A. Rickenbacher
Etiquette and Protocol Speaker,
Consultant, Trainer and Author.


"In this hilarious and satirical memoir, written when the author was 16, readers meet Rachel, a uncooperative teen whose mother decreed a week of etiquette lessons in the middle of the Texas desert. What follows is an account of the 15-year-old’s trials: a cousin who never stops talking about her ex-boyfriend and instructions on how to hold silverware, apply makeup, dress properly, walk in high heels, and dance with a boy. All these lessons throw Rachel for a loop; she feels awkward, boyish, and ugly. Could the camp experience and the fire-breathing teacher turn her from geeky tomboy into a sophisticated young lady in a week? Occasional bullet point tips are offered on such topics as manicuring nails and a proper handshake. Readers will enjoy the author’s conversational style and sympathize with her plight, and, who knows, they just might learn a few manners along the way. Black-line illustrations break up the text, but otherwise don’t add much."
Cynde Suite, Bartow County Library System, Adairsville,GA





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